Shoulder ache were solved with the Pomodoro technique

Hello, it’s Azy here. As a mechanical engineer on weekdays, I study programming on my own on Saturdays and Sundays, and I spend a lot of time touching my computer almost every day. Because of that, I started to suffer from shoulder ache from my late 20s. In the worst case, my head started to hurt in the afternoon and I couldn’t concentrate.
The quality of my sleep was poor and I always felt tired.

My job has changed to working from home, so I tried as follows;

  • An adjustable desk
  • Split Keyboard

Even though it was alleviated, the shoulder ache did not heal from the ground up.

Meanwhile, I find Pomodoro technique.
It is a concentrated method of concentrating for 25 minutes and resting for 5 minutes.

I tried various things, but in the end, it seems that the only solution to shoulder ache is to move your body with a moderate sensation.
I would like to show you how to do that.

  1. How to stretch

If you have a stretch that you always do, that’s fine. The important thing is to stretch at intervals of pomodoro.
For those who haven’t decided how to do it, I’ll show you how to do it.

a) First, fold your hands and pull forward. At this time, be aware of stretching the shoulder blades on your back. Approximately 10s.

b) Join hands and bring it back. Be aware that the scapula should be moved inward. Approximately 10s.

c) 3 time repeat 1) and 2).

d) Keep in mind that you will reach the floor and stretch your back, and pull your hips back.

e) Stretch your back.

f) Keep your hands down and stretch your hips back.

For d), e), f), it’s better to read following movie.

Also, it is difficult when you go to work at office, so it is good to stretch it using a desk like this site. I do this when I come to work at office.

(It is Japanese only, but you can verify how to do from phots.)

The important thing is to stretch pomodoro interval without overdoing it. If you find the above explanation confusing, you can just spin your shoulders around.

2. Pomodoro Timer

At work I use the standard windows timer, and at home I use the Mac desktop app wabitime so I used a different timer.
Taking a break without doing anything for 5 minutes during business hours is a hard for me.
So, I take “25 minutes concentration => stretch”.

However, this method also had the following complaints.

  • I have to operate different timers at work and at home.
  • When the timer expires, I have to manually press the switch for the next timer.

In particular, I had a many chance of forgetting to turn on the next switch by myself every time I repeated Pomodoro. I couldn’t find an app that suits me just to stretch at regular intervals.

In other words, the following was a mast.

  • It works in a browser (because it cannot be installed on the computer used for work.)
  • Desktop notification (easy to notice)
  • No notification sound is needed (because it gets in the way when programming while listening to music)
  • The timer will switch on without permission, or if you select OK on the desktop notification, the next timer will start.

I made a web app to satisfy my requirements.

Its name is Pomodoro Health Timer.

Just press the start button to switch on the timer, then automatically repeat the focus and break timers and notify you with a desktop notification when the time is up.

We also have a click cycle for people like me who want to stretch. This is a feature that starts the next centralized timer when you press the close button on the desktop notification. (Only Chrome is supported by the browser specifications.)

And it can be used normally as a simple Pomodoro timer.
(You can concentrate infinitely with the Pomodoro technique.)

Stretching may not seem to work while you’re doing it, but it will definitely work if you keep doing it all day long.

Please try it. If you like, I’d be happy if you could try the timer I made.

Thank you for reading.

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